By Kevin Li

The video will be going over The Lion King’s commentary on sociology and social mobility. Throughout the movie, the circle of life plays a large role in dictating how the animals in the Pride Lands live, and the video will explore how it plays into message of social immobility. The video also analyzes the effects of breaking the circle of life as shown through Scar’s reign and its implied message.

Lesson Plan

In order to understand sociology in relation to social mobility and the Lion King more in depth, here is a lesson plan with resources and questions to gauge your understanding.

Have your students go over this information sheet and fully understand reasons and types of social mobility.


Have them answer these questions then proceed to have a group discussion.


  1. Give a historical example of a closed society.
  2. What is an example of legislation leading to enforced social mobility?
  3. Would the hyena’s social mobility in The Lion King be horizontal mobility or vertical mobility and why?
  4. Which factor led to the hyena’s mobility in The Lion King?
  5. Would the “Circle of Life” and ingrained lessons on social mobility impact children? If so, how would they impact them?